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Advosol is the leading provider of .NET components and Toolkits for OPC client and server applications.
Since 2002 we provide .NET based components for OPC DCOM and web service applications and have thousands of customers worldwide.
Advosol participated in the development of the OPC .NET (Xi) specification and offers a full range of OPC .NET (Xi) products for the software developer and system integrator. The Advosol products are designed to offer a smooth migration path form Classic OPC (DCOM) to OPC .NET and OPC UA.
Our products come with comprehensive documentation, many samples and are backed by free, quick and knowledgeable technical support.
    Advosol is OPC Foundation member     Advosol Inc.
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OPCDA.NET Client Component      OPC DA .NET Server Toolkit

OPCDA.NET is the most widely used .NET component for the development of OPC .NET client applications with C# or VB.NET. It provides classes, controls and tools for the efficient development of high quality OPC applications.
OPCDA.NET works on 32/64-bit Windows XP and Vista systems with .Net Framework 1.1, 2, 3, and 3.5. Many samples applications are provided with projects for Visual Studio 2008, 2005 and 2003.

OPCDA.NET has a multi-layered class structure. The user can choose the interface layer according the application requirements and the personal preferences.
The server access Visual Studio Controls reduce application coding to a minimum. These invisible controls are configured in the Visual Studio Designer and handle the OPC server access with extensive error checking.
The QuickUse classes provide simple to use methods for data binding, item browsing and synchronous/asynchronous item read/write access. Minimal OPC knowlegde is required.

All OPC DA V2.05 and V3 defined (mandatory and optional) functions can be accessed through .NET methods that handle all data type conversion to/from .Net data types.

Product Description 

.Net Wrapper White Paper
Evaluation Download


The DANSrv OPC DA Server .NET Toolkit has an OPC DA V2.05 and V3.0 compliant generic server and a .NET customization assembly.
The generic server handles the DCOM client interface and allows the developer to concentrate on the application specific server features.
The OPC DA server development is reduced to the development of a .NET customization assembly. Many VB.NET and C# samples are provided. Custom applications can be based on these sample applications or be wizard created.

The OPC .NET Server Toolkit is well suited to quickly implement simple servers or create high performance OPC DA servers with ten thousands of items. It is offered in two editions:

  • Standard Edition
    All basic features for OPC V2/V3 servers with a static item address space.
  • Professional Edition
    Additional features increase the functionality and the performance.

Product Description

.Net Server White Paper
Evaluation Download

OPC UA Option      OPC UA Server Toolkit

The OPCDA.NET-UA option enhances OPCDA.NET with OPC UA server access capabilities. OPC DA and UA servers can be accessed through the same API.
Existing OPCDA.NET application only need to be recompiled with an OPCDA.NET-UA reference. No code modifications are required.

UA Option for OPCDA.NET


The Advosol uaPLUS server toolkit uses the same plug-in DLL (Customization Assemblies) as the OPCDA.NET server toolkit.
DCOM can be eliminated by using existing plug-in DLLs with the Xi Generic server. No code modifications are required.

OPC UA Server Toolkit

OPC .Net (Xi) Option      OPC .Net (Xi) Server Toolkit

The OPCDA.NET-Xi option enhances OPCDA.NET with OPC .NET (Xi) server access capabilities. OPC DA and Xi servers can be accessed through the same API.
Existing OPCDA.NET applications only need to be recompiled with a OPCDA.NET-Xi reference. No code modifications are required.

OPC .NET (Xi) Option for OPCDA.NET

Express Interface

The Advosol XiPLUS OPC .NET (Xi) server toolkit uses the same plug-in DLLs (Customization Assemblies) as the OPC DA, OPC AE and OPC HDA .NET server toolkits.
DCOM can be eliminated by using existing plug-in DLLs with the Xi Generic server. No code modifications are required.

OPC .NET (Xi) Server Toolkit


Other OPC .NET Client Components      Other OPC .NET Server Toolkits
The Advosol OPC .NET wrappers are capable of working in 32-bit and 64-bit mode. Sophisticated helper classes provide the server access error handling for robust applications.
Extensive documentation, many samples, wizards and free support for 90 days guaranty highly efficient project realisation.

OPC HDA client component     OPC UA option

OPC AE client component     OPC UA option

PaXi OPC .NET Client Component
supports access to OPC DA,HDA,AE, UA and Xi servers thru the OPC .NET (Xi) Application Interface.

Express Interface UA

The Advosol server toolkits consist of a generic server that handles the OPC DCOM client interface and an application specific .NET assembly DLL that configures the server and communicates with the 'device'.
The toolkits are easy to use for simple server and large sophisticated servers.

OPC AE server toolkit

OPC HDA server toolkit

XML-DA server toolkit


Free evaluation downloads are available for all products. The project development can be started with the evaluation version. The evaluations are complete with documentation and samples. The run-time of the applications is limited to 30 minutes,

For product descriptions, evaluation downloads and purchases click the link of the appropriate product.
Prices are listed at bottom of the product description page. The client components and server toolkits are licensed on a developer or site base, without royalty fees.
Purchases can be made with credit card charge, payment by wire transfer or with a purchase order.
The free evaluation downloads are available in the online store. Only a very simple registration is required.


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